Sparkling Apple Cider
Sparkling Apple
   Sparkling Apple | Carbonated Cider

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Associations with Sparkling Apple

Sparkling apple can be associated with a band that existed in 1973, or a drink.
There isn't much to say about the band though. The Sparkling Apple band was formerly The Plastic Rat Blues Band in 1969. Among its members were Colin Hartridge, Jim LeClair, Gord Higo and Art Kyllonen. When Jim LeClair left the band in 1973, they formed Sparkling Apple. In 1981, Rod Knowlan joined the band, they changed their name to Powerglide but also disbanded in the same year. They were together again as Sparkling Apple in 1983, some more members started coming in from 1984. They eventually separated ways in 1993, 20 years after they first started.

When associating sparkling apple with the drink, then there is much to say. First off, attaching the word sparkling to a drink (any drink, even water), basically means that the drink is carbonated. So a sparkling apple drink means a carbonated apple drink. Carbonation occurs when carbon dioxide is dissolved in water or any aqueous substance. This gives the drink the "fizz" or bubbles that you see. There are several types of sparkling apple drinks and there are different schools of thought about it too.

In order to discuss the differences, it might be necessary to check how different countries define sparkling apple drinks. In France, the cidre (cider) is an alcoholic drink which varies from below 4% alcohol and more. Most of the ciders from France are sparkling. There are many varieties of ciders in France aside from apple including the famous pear cider. Up to the mid 20th century, cider was the 2nd most consumed drink in France. Mexico sells two kinds of sidra (cider), both of which are sparkling - there's the apple-flavored carbonated soft drink which is very popular and the alcoholic sparkling sidra. In Norway, sider (cider) is fermented apple juice. They have sparkling cider with an abv (alcohol by volume or the percentage of alcohol content) of about 10%. Spain also offers sparkling apple ciders or sidra made mostly from the areas in Northern Spain (Asturias and Basque). Basically, in other parts of the world, cider is defined as an alcoholic drink. In the United States, however, the term apple cider and apple juice are not really differentiated as it is in Europe. They have sparkling apple juice and sparkling apple cider just the same.
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